Rank and Command Structure

Throughout a Ghost Bear Warrior's Career, he or she may seek advancement and greater responsibility within the Clan, and to that end they must achieve a higher Rank. The Command Keshik may authorize certain and specific Clan Warriors to compete for Command  Positions within the Clan, should a current Leader appear to be lacking in the proper execution of their duties. ONLY those warriors personally invited by the Khan and saKhan may fight in a Trial of Position for those Ranks. The Khan as required will announce trials of Position for Rank advancement.

The Trial of Position for Rank progression will be conducted in the following manner:

        1.   The Candidate will petition his current CO (when applicable) who will then petition the Keshik for permission to Test out for the Command Position that is in question. The Command Keshik will either deny the request, or accept it. If accepted, the Trial process can continue.

        2.   The Current holder of the Command Position will face off against the petitioner in a Straight up, Best of 7 Competition. The Command Keshik will determine all Mission Settings and Restrictions to be used in the Trial.

        3.   Should the Current Commander lose his Trial of Position, he may declare a Trial of Refusal, challenging the results of the Trial. In this case, the Best of 7 Competition shall be conducted once more.

        4.   If the Petitioner is successful in the first (and if necessary, the second round), then the                             Petitioner and the incumbent Warrior will exchange Ranks and Positions within that Cluster, and each will assume the responsibilities of their new position within the Cluster.

The Khan may chose to change the settings and Mission parameters for each Round of Combat, thus Warriors must ensure that they remain flexible at all times.

Clan Ghost Bear Rank Insignia

All Ghost Bear rank insignias are derived from the insignia of the Khans, a stylized bear's head in gold. The Galaxy Commander insignia divides the head in half vertically. The Star Colonel insignia is almost identical to the Galaxy Commander's, but the sides of the head are straightened. The Star Captain insignia flattens out the bottom. The Star Commander insignia flattens out the top; it resembles two gold bars, with only the ear-like flanges at the top remaining of the original bear design. The rank of Point Commander/Mechwarrior is a single bar that retains both flanges.

Khan Galaxy Commander Star Colonel Star Captain Star Commander Mechwarrior

Each member of a Star wears a distinct pentagonal patch on the field uniform indicating the Point to which he belongs. These insignias follow the same style as the rank insignias, starting with a stylized bear's head for Point 5 and gradually receding in likeness to Point 1, which is two narrow gold bars.

Point 5 Point 4 Point 3 Point 2 Point 1

The “Daggerstar” which distinguishes a Warriors Area of Training denotes each Arm of the Touman. The Blood Red Daggerstar denotes a Mechwarrior, a slightly smaller Green and Blue Daggerstar denotes an Elemental, and a Blue and Silver Daggerstar denotes an Aerospace Pilot. Other Trades are also designated with the Daggerstar, including Naval Assets with a Grey and Blue Daggerstar. Technicians are also denoted with a variation of the Daggerstar in silver, without the extended down point, to reflect their importance to the operational capabilities of the Clans.

  In the ADL Clan Ghost Bear Roster, Warriors are listed according to flexibility, and Game Play. Those Pilots Possessing Mechwarrior 4, are listed as MechWarriors with the Red Daggerstar. The Elemental, and Aerospace Pilot Daggerstars are not, at this time used within ADL Clan Ghost Bear. Those Warriors who show aptitude with technical matters dealing with, or benefiting the Clan shall also receive the Technician star. Those people awarded the Technician Star MUST, however indicate a willingness to be approached by other members of the Clan (and possibly others outside the Clan). Computer Hardware and Software Fault-Finding specialists are a resource that all Teams in the League are in dire need of. Volunteers are asked to apply to the Khan, or saKhan.


The 1st Bear Regulars, Provisional Garrison Clusters and Phalanxes each use a common insignia, distinguished only by their unit number. The 1st Bear Regulars use a bear-head field and Roman numerals. The Provisional Garrison Clusters use a circular blue shield with Arabic numbers, and the Phalanxes use a rectangular Roman shield over crossed spears with Roman numerals.

The Chain of Command

  1. Khan

  2. saKhan

  3. Galaxy Commander(s)

  4. Star Colonel(s) (Cluster Commander)

  5. Star Captain(s) (Executive Officers/Cluster 2nd in Command)

  6. Star Commanders / Acting Executive Officers

  7. Mechwarriors

 Terms of Reference


The Khan holds the  rank of Galaxy Commander in the Clan Touman, and can assume the Command of any of the subordinate Galaxies under his Command at any time. The Duties and Responsibilities of the Khan are legion. In addition to overseeing the Clan-wide welfare of the Team, The Khan of Clan Ghost Bear will be responsible for coordinating with the Khan's of the other Clans, as well as establishing policy for the Clan as a whole. The Khan will hold final approval of all Team Applications, Turn Submissions, and all other matters regarding the Clan, depending strongly upon the recommendations of his Command Keshik Members. All Galaxy Commanders and Command Keshik members will report directly to the Khan. The Khan is the Commander of the Ourse Keshik, and will operate this Elite Unit as an independent Command within the Clan Touman, as described in the Clan's Combat Doctrine in the Member's Area. As part of the Command Keshik, the Khan will be included in all relevant mails concerning the welfare of the Clan, and its Touman, including the conduct of all Trials.


The Second in Command of the Clan, the saKhan holds the rank of Galaxy Commander in the Clan Touman.  The saKhan is the Galaxy Commander of Alpha Galaxy along with the duties that position requires, will also be responsible for coordinating and consulting with the Khan on matters of Clan Policy, Turn Submissions, and any other duties as designated by the Khan.  The saKhan is also responsible for sending out the Clan Welcome Letter to new Recruits, and ensuring that their @clan-ghost-bear.com email address is activated. The saKhan is essentially the "Warlord" of the Clan, and will ensure (with the approval of the Khan) that the Touman is organized in such a way as to best serve the requirements of the Clan, and to ensure maximum effectiveness in Battle. As such, the saKhan will have final say in all movement of personnel within the Clan.  In the event of an approved move, the saKhan will issue orders to the Webmaster of the Clan website (Scol. Ghostryder) to make the changes to the Clan Roster page of the website.  He will be responsible for Training and coordinated efforts of his Galaxy in Battle. As part of the Command Keshik, the saKhan will be included in all relevant mails concerning the welfare of the Clan, including the conduct of all Trials. The saKhan is also part of the Training Cadre, and will be responsible for recommending Training efforts to the Khan and the Head Training Instructor, and coordinating approved Training efforts with his Star Colonels, ensuring that each Cluster under his command implements them. The saKhan will send Status Reports on all of his responsibilities to the Khan on a weekly basis (Every Sunday), and as requested by the Khan.

Aid de Campe  

The Aide de Campe is a Star Colonel, and serves as the personal assistant to the Khan. His duties and responsibilities will be as dictated by the Khan, and can mirrors the responsibilities of the Oathmaster, however he will be responsible to advise the Khan and saKhan on matters of policy within the Clan. In Battle, the Aide de Campe will act as the Second in Command of the Ourse Keshik, when it operates as an independent Unit in Battle. As part of the Command Keshik, the Aide de Campe will be included in all relevant mails concerning the welfare of the Clan, and its Touman, including the conduct of all Trials. Additionally, the Aid de Campe will ensure that the Roster Page on the Website is current and up to date, appending all new Members to the Touman as required.  They will also be responsible for assigning new pilots to their new cluster.  The Aide de Campe will send Status Reports on his responsibilities to the Khan on a weekly basis (Every Sunday), and as requested by the Khan.  In the absence of the Khan or saKhan, the Aide de Campe  will act within the best interest of the Clan as a whole.

Galaxy Commander

Galaxy Commanders command 2 or more Clusters in a Galaxy. They are, again, like mini Team Leaders. They are the next step up in the chain of Command. In the case where a Cluster Commander is unable to address a situation in his Cluster, the issue would be brought up to the Galaxy Commander. If the Galaxy Commander has something that needs to be done, he will issue orders to his Star Colonels, who will in turn, ensure that the troops under their control are informed.


The Loremaster is the Record Keeper of the Clan.  The  Loremaster will maintain a master database of all pertinent Player information, and distribute it as required to the Command Keshik.

Star Colonels

As Cluster Commanders, Star Colonels are the highest point in each Cluster. They are, in effect, mini team leaders. Information/Directives from their Galaxy Commander, the saKhan, and/or the Khan, will be sent to them first, and they will then make certain that the information is disseminated down through the ranks to the members of their Cluster. The same will apply for information/requests for Direction from those in their Clusters. If a member of a Cluster has a question/requirement, and the Star Colonel is unable to address it, OR it is something that should be dealt with at the Clan Command level, the Star Colonel will pass this information up the Chain of Command to his Galaxy Commander, who will then either deal with the situation, or send it farther up the Chain of Command to the Aide de Campe to be dealt with or forwarded as required. 

 Star Captains/Executive Officers/Acting XOs

Executive Officers in a Cluster are Star Captains, OR the highest NON Star Captain Rank in a Cluster (identified by the Star Colonel in charge) as the Cluster Commander's 2nd in Command. In the absence of the Star Colonel, he is in charge of that particular Cluster. He must be carbon-copied in all correspondence from the Cluster members, to the Cluster Commander. This ensures that he has all of the information required, to make timely decisions when the Star Colonel is unavailable. An Executive Officer CAN be a Star Commander, if a Star Captain is not available in a Cluster (Vacant Rank Position).

Mechwarriors/Star Commanders

If a Mechwarrior/Star Commander requires something, whether it is information, or direction, they would contact their Cluster Commander/Star Colonel AND the Cluster Executive Officer. Orders and Directives from the Star Colonels/Cluster Commanders will be disseminated down to all members of a given Cluster.


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